Photo-System Physics

SASAKI Keiji Laboratory, RIES, Hokudai

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Laboatory of Photo-System Physics

Our goal is to unveil and understand the underlying physics of light-matter interactions and to develop new applications for optical observation and measurements, optical manipulation, and optical information processing. We investigate cutting-edge photonic systems and related scientific fields including nano-optics, quantum optics, and photo-molecular chemistry.


Optical Selection and Sorting of Nanoparticles according to Quantum Mechanical Properties

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Nanoscale Color Sorting of Surface Plasmons in a Double-Nanogap Structure with Multipolar Plasmon Excitation

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Nanostructured Potential of Optical Trapping Using a Plasmonic Nanoblock Pair

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Beating the standard quantum limit with four-entangled photons

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Optical Trapping of a Metal-Particle and a Water Droplet by a Scanning Laser-Beam

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